About Our Products

About Our Products

Ceramica De España products are handcrafted, wheel thrown, and glazed ceramics. Clay is formed on a wheel by a master potter and fired in a kiln. Once cool, they are glazed beautifully and skillfully, then re-fired again to produce a beautiful finished product. Each piece is unique.

We offer many different ceramics in many different designs, our top products being the Rasping Plates, Rasping Bowls, and Garlic Keepers.


Rasping Plates and Rasping Bowls

The rasp on the plate and bowl are excellent for use with foods such as hard cheese, nutmeg, chocolate, lemon, ginger, carrot, garlic, and for use as a serving piece. Grate the garlic or any other food of choice by rubbing it over the “teeth” of the rasp, either in a circular motion or back and forth. Grate food within the rasp bowl and then toss with pasta, salad or other food and serve.

Garlic Keepers

The garlic bulb holds all of the cloves- peeled cloves are what you use for dishes. For the freshest tasting garlic, you should keep your garlic unpeeled and within the bulb until ready to use. Remove cloves as needed. The best way to store your bulbs is in a dry, cool area and out of direct sunlight. Garlic should always be kept dormant and will grow sprouts. Do not refrigerate your bulbs.

Instead, keep them in one of our garlic keepers. The garlic keeper keeps your garlic safely and neatly on your kitchen counter. Using the garlic keeper is an assured way to keep your garlic at it’s freshest.